Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Riometer Data from HAARP Supports Triggered-Earthquake Hypothesis

The hypothesis that a devastating earthquake was triggered by artificial means is supported by data obtained from the HAARP website.

As detailed in a recent post, particle flux data recorded by a number of geosynchronous satellites suggests that something very unusual was happening in the earth's magnetosphere in the days leading up to the deadly earthquake in Kashmir on 8 October 2005. Riometer data obtained from the HAARP website supports the idea that HAARP was involved. The riometer data for the period 4 OCT 2005 - 10 OCT 2005 all display a curious "drop-out" of the signal. A riometer works by beaming EM radiation into the ionosphere and detecting the signal which is reflected back to the earth.

(click on the image to see more plots)

Riometer plots for several months prior to and following this episode were examined, and none of them displayed the anomalous "drop-out" signature seen here. Riometer data from other locations show no such anomaly. It is a fair conclusion that either;

(1) The riometer transmitting array at HAARP was turned off during these episodes, or,
(2) The ionosphere above Gakona was altered in such a way that none of the transmitted energy was returned to the receiver.

Regardless of the actual nature of these anomalies, the correlation of this data with the space-based observations supports the idea that the earthquake in Kashmir was artificially induced.

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