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Evidence of Artificial Initiation of the Kashmir Earthquake on October 8, 2005

Evidence of Artificial Initiation of the Kashmir Earthquake on October 8, 2005

Satellite data supports the suggestion that a major earthquake was artificially induced.

A catastrophic earthquake struck the Kashmir region on the northern border of Pakistan and India at 03:50 UTC on 8 OCT 2005. The 7.6 magnitude quake claimed at least 70,000 lives. The epicenter was located in a region of great geopolitical importance, on the disputed border of two major nuclear powers. Data from an array of satellites which monitor the charged particle environment at geosynchronous altitude is available on-line from a computer system maintained by the Los Alamos National Laboratory. A glance at the data plots in the days leading up to the quake strongly suggests that the earthquake was triggered by unnatural means. The timing and nature of the charged particle events measured by the satellites displays a striking correlation with the timing of the earthquake.

Briefly, here is a thumbnail sketch of significant observations recorded by all 5 satellites in the plots:

03:50 UTC 5 OCT 2005: a "stripe" of missing data.
17:47 UTC 5 OCT 2005: sudden onset of energetic particle flux.
03:50 UTC 6 OCT 2005: sudden cessation of energetic particle flux.
03:50 UTC 6 OCT 2005: stripe of missing data.
03:50 UTC 7 OCT 2005: stripe of missing data.
03:50 UTC 8 OCT 2005: stripe of missing data.

These anomalies are readily visible on the plots obtained from,
(browse the summary plot database)
and have been mirrored at:

The anomalies occur against a quiet background. Note the surprising correlation of the cessation of the pulsating particle flux with one of the stripes of missing data. The missing data occurs at exactly 03:50 UTC every day for four days; up to and including the day of the earthquake. The earthquake occurred at 03:50 UTC on 8 OCT, the exact time of the last stripe of missing data in the plots. The sudden onset and equally sudden cessation of the anomalous particle flux observed simultaneously by all five satellites is clearly not a natural phenomenon. Even if the anomalies are explainable by some instrumental artifact, the fact that the earthquake occurred at precisely the same time as the daily "glitches" leading up to October 8 seems a remarkable coincidence.

How can electrons and protons in the magnetosphere have any relationship with earthquakes? The global electromagnetic weapons which have been developed and deployed by the U.S. and other entities are capable of generating powerful, focused energy release at any point on the globe. Generation of ELF (Extremely Low Frequency) waves and various ionospheric manipulations are possible. Weather-modification, missile defense, and earth-penetrating tomography are touted as preferred applications of technologies like HAARP by the military. Evidence of this capability is readily found in the U.S. military's own documents. Typing "magnetosphere earthquake" into google will yield a number of scientific articles relating earthquakes and charged particle precipitation. If one does a bit of research, what at first seems a tenuous link can rapidly coalesce into a highly plausible scenario.

A quick look at the geopolitical situation in the Kashmir region and its importance in world affairs suggests the possibility of a political motive. Notably, following the earthquake, NATO forces were inserted into the area to lead the recovery effort. NATO had never previously been used in this way.

While it is possible that the earthquake was an accidental side-effect of another operation, it strains credulity to imagine that no connection exists. Look at the data. Circumstantial? Yes.
Suspicious? VERY.


Anonymous said...

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KRDF said...

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zerotensor said...

This follow-up supports the claims with additional data.

Anonymous said...

Was the 3:50 drop-out signal morning or evening time?

zerotensor said...

Anonymous said...

Was the 3:50 drop-out signal morning or evening time?

03:50 Universal time. Whether this is morning or evening depends on your time zone.

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to get your feedback about the IL earthquake. Earthquakes happen all of the time (but I've noticed alot of computer errors/electronic errors/dogs (animals acting different) in the Midwest area right before and after the earthquake)

William said...

This reply is to ZEROTENSOR; and also to the anonymous poster of April 20th, 2008 regarding the Illinois Midwest USA earthquake; and anyone reading this post whose interested in investigating the use of earthquakes by the NWO (New World Order/Illuminati/Globalists) as seismic human population warfare to further the globalist agenda. If you are not familiar with PROJECT BLUEBEAM, you may need to bone up on it fast! Just Google it and you'll find thousands of articles and YOUTUBE videos on it. The use of Seismic weaponry is central to PROJECT BLUEBEAM as you'll quickly discover.


I'd like to form a loose team of talented minds to first do a statistical analysis of available siesmic and seismic related data, (such as this riometric data) and see if we can identify unique unequivocal "fingerpint" signatures of HAARP induced earthquakes from publicly available and reliabe raw data sources (USGS, NOAA, SEIS, NEIC, OBSIP, etc)....e-gads I'd even look at NASA data!

If we are succesful in this endeavor, then the next logical step would be to create an open-source app that could monitor realtime data and identify HAARP induced earthquakes as the NWO is executing them, as well as being an invaluable tool to mine historical data to glean past NWO seismic weapon activity. Such a tool could give as a very, very insightful look at their past, current, and extrapolated future agenda as it pertains to the use of seismic events to devestate targeted human populations and destabilize and stress-out the geo-political and regional social structures (especially nation-state governments) as they push forward with their globalization and human population control programs.

Any takers?

My name is Mark Spann, (Google poster WILLIAM) and I'll post back here again and give updates and links if I can get this initiative off the ground.....I may post something similar to this on ABOVETOPSECRET or one of those types of boards to gauge if there is sufficient interest in pursuing this idea as a grassroots effort.

Best Regards,

William Mark Spann
Mobile (706) 633-3657